What can Mathman Tutoring do?

The Mathman Tutoring experience will include:

educational support
homework help
direct instruction
guided practice
problem-solving/study skills
finding something about Math to like (or even love!)

Whether it's Mathman, Spanishman, or one of his Team of Tutors, the tutor will help students to solve problems on their own.  The objective of Mathman
Tutoring is to have students flying on their own by the time tutoring is finished.  

Mathman Tutoring offers single or multiple sessions for
individuals (one-on-one)
or groups (multiple students in the same subject).  The tutoring will take place
wherever the student feels most comfortable, either at your residence or a
meeting spot, such as a library or café.  All tutors have Bachelor's degrees in
their subject
and professional teaching experience.

Mathman (AKA Spanishman), along with his trusty Team of Tutors, offers
tutoring in the following subjects:

Math (all levels, from Algebra to Calculus & beyond!)
Spanish (all levels, from hola to adiestramiento!)
English / Language Arts
Theater Arts & Literature
Voice / Singing

Mathman Tutoring can also provide
test prep for tests like the

Mathman Tutoring is very flexible regarding hours, so either call or email using the info below in order to set up a time that works for you!

So how much does it cost??

Tutoring is $70/hr with $0.50/mile travel time if the tutor needs to travel
over 10 miles to get to the appointment.
(Tutors are located in the Napa & Sonoma areas.)
Mathman Services

For more information
or to schedule your first appointment, contact Mathman!
Phone: (707) 944-2508
Mathman (also Spanishman, upon request) is a
Math Tutor, Spanish Tutor, Teacher, & All Around Great Guy!
Wherever you are, you can receive a multiple session discount!
Mathman Tutoring offers every fourth session at 50% off!

Group tutoring discounts are also available!
Are there any other services available?

You betcha!  Mathman Tutoring also offers translation & editing services!  
Whether you need a document translated, Spanish transcription, a Spanish
voice over, in-person translation, or any other translation service,
Spanishman can help!  

Likewise, if you need
proofreading/editing (in English or Spanish) for an
essay, article, or other document, Mathman Tutoring can get the job done!

For written translation, the rates are $0.14-$0.24/word, depending on the
amount of technical jargon.

For in-person translation or voice over work, the rate is $45/hr (plus travel).

For editing (in English or Spanish), the rates are $0.07-$0.14/word,
depending on the amount of work needed.
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